Colossal Ten Pound Live New England Lobster

Product Features

One 10.0 Live New England Lobster
Packed and Shipped Live to Your Door
Shipped Overnight to Guarantee Freshness
Delivery Tuesday Through Friday Only

Quality and freshness are the Lobster Trap Company's trademarks. All our lobster are right off the boat, on to the dock and into our facilities. No other online service can match for freshness, quality and price. We store thousands of lobster in our darkened seawater tanks. The tanks are chilled to a constant 38 degrees, duplicating the lobster's sea world environment. This method of storing helps keep them strong and healthy and ensures ample supplies year-round, even during the off season.

Product Description
Hard to Find Colossals! A colossal ten-pound New England lobster (9.5 lbs. to 10.0 lbs. each) will be a thrill to get or give. The lobster makes an extraordinary presentation and is great eating. Thrill clients, friends and family with one of these colassal 10-pound lobsters from Canada or deep water New England. Only can offer you colossal lobster. All our lobsters are shipped Fedex overnight delivery for arrival Tuesday through Friday. Please specify day of week and date for delivery. Order today by 11 a.m. EST and and enjoy the sweet flavor of lobster tomorrow. What fun!

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