Five Star New England Clam Bake

Product Description

Live Maine Lobsters, fresh clams, and rich, creamy clam chowder are the ingredients for this authentic New England Clambake. A genuinely impressive gift that captures the essence of New England, this classic assortment of seafood favorites is always appreciated. You'll start with our award winning New England clam chowder then move on to live clams - harvested locally so they're fresh and tender. The finale? Luscious live Maine lobsters of premium quality... juicy, sweet, and sure to please. You can choose to send your gift with a 19 quart lobster pot and accessories. Why settle for ordinary gourmet gift baskets?

Product Features

Our New England Clambake for Two contains -

2 Live Lobster 'Quarters' (1.25-1.5 lb),
20 oz New England Clam Chowder, and
3 lbs of Steamer Clams

Supreme Option:

Seafood Accessory Kit with...
1 19 Qt. Lobster Pot
2 shell crackers and picks
2 yellow and white checkered cloth napkins

Our New England Clambake for Four contains double the seafood as our Clam Bake for Two and accessories for four.

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