Lobster Bisque - Lobster Bisque 20 oz

Product Description

Made with only the finest ingredients, this lobster bisque is simply outstanding. You'll taste the quality and care that goes into every ounce of this award-winning lobster bisque recipe. Heavy cream, real butter, fresh herbs, and â of course â plenty of lobster meat create a taste that you won't soon forget. Only Maine lobsters are used as the primary ingredient in this seafood lover's delight. Serve lobster bisque as the first course to an elegant dinner, as your entr'e, as a base for casseroles, or as a sauce for meats and vegetables. Check out our 2 Way or 3 Way Chowder and Bisque Samplers. Have you tried our new Butternut Squash Bisque?

Product Features

When you order you'll receive a frozen 20 oz pouch of premium quality Lobster Bisque.

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